A proto-punk Forrest Gump comes to Hollywood….

Join VIKAR (James Franco), a wide-eyed innocent in love with the movies, on one wicked trip to the heart of a pulsating, kaleidoscopic Hollywood. Naïve newcomer to the City of Angels, carrying nothing but his “outsider” past and a huge tattoo of Montgomery Clift & Elizabeth Taylor inked on his shaved skull; driven by the allure of cinema to the glittering temptations of Zeroville; a town where anything goes.

Encounter the parasites, the punks, the wannabes, the power-brokers and the crazies: meet VIKING MAN (Seth Rogen) – gatekeeper to all the right parties, a cigar-chomping surf hippie; Vikar’s eccentric Hollywood guide.

You’ll encounter:  foul-mouthed industry veteran DOTTY (Jacki Weaver); the sinister FINANCIER (Danny McBride); sexy femme fatale SOLEDAD (Megan Fox) – a haunted “dame”, the electric charge to trigger Vikar’s breath-taking dive into the captivating world where movies are made.

Profoundly magical, funny, unsettling, and gorgeous – a love letter to Los Angeles and provocative satire of America’s fascination with itself, its cult of celebrity; a vision of the death of Old Hollywood.

ZEROVILLE: Where Nobody Knows Anything



James Franco – Vikar

Seth Rogen – Viking Man

Jacki Weaver – Dotty

Megan Fox – Soledad

Danny McBride – Financier

Dave Franco – Montgomery Clift

Craig Robinson – Burglar

Joey King – Zazi

Horatio Sanz – Francis Ford Coppola



Director – James Franco

Screenplay – Paul Felton and Ian Olds. Based on the novel by Steve Erickson

Producers – James Franco, Vince Jolivette, Caroline Aragon  & Michael Mendelsohn