In Pre-Production

Q4 2018


“I just want to say to everyone else to ‘Get stuffed’ if they think women aren’t strong
enough, because we just beat the world.”
Michelle Payne (Teresa Palmer) was always warned she could never be a world class
jockey. She was not tough enough. She was not a man.
But as the youngest daughter of a mad-cap family of jockeys, Michelle fights for every
opportunity to ride hard and race fast. It’s Michelle’s father Paddy (Sam Neil) and her
family who champion her ambition, despite early failures, broken bones, and a tragic
family death on the racecourse.
Maverick Trainer Darren Weir also sees Michelle’s unmistakable talent, intelligence,
true grit and most of all, indomitable spirit; and it’s under his watchful eye that
Michelle gets a shot at the ‘impossible’ – riding Prince of Penzance in the 2015
Melbourne Cup.
Like National Velvet, Ride Like a Girl is an uplifting true story of heroic endeavour,
family, friendship, and defiance in the face of all odds.


Teresa Palmer – Michelle Payne

Sam Neill – Paddy Payne

Travis Fimmel –

Jacki Weaver – Joan Sadler


Director – Rachel Griffiths

Writers – Andrew Knight & Elise McCredie

Producer – Richard Keddie