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Animal Farm

In Pre-Production


A film for all the family.

“We will tell Orwellʼs classic tale as a vibrant engaging story for 21st Century families. Just imagine Orwell writing today… seeing the entire story from the point of view of an adorable knee-high piglet…

A rite of passage for this once naïve, baby-face piglet Lucky, son of Napoleon, as he witnesses the rise and fall of a dream: a perfect existence without human beings. A modern commentary of the perils of corporate greed, but with all the innocence, joy and sensitivity of a fairy-tale.

Just great fun, anarchic, contemporary, quick-witted and very funny … but also fearful, whereby jeopardy is in the unseen implied violence; raucous, thrilling with big set pieces; but also subtle – with incisive subversion and satire; heartbreakingly honest, accepting of sadness and emotionally ebullient”. Andy Serkis


Director – Andy Serkis
Producer – Jonathan Cavendish